Dear Bob,

You and your company, Smellsmoke Public Adjusters were amazing throughout our ordeal. Having you represent us was just the best decision we made. You were always a phone call away and on top of everything. We honestly rarely had to call you because you kept us informed at all times. You fought for our family and you delivered. Being displaced from your home is a horrible experience but you honestly made it smooth and we really had no doubt that you wouldn’t come through for us.

The amount that we received because of you was more than we ever thought we would get. You exceeded our expectations and because of your work we were able to put our house back together. And for that we are eternally grateful. In total we received a whopping $138,000 dollars when originally the insurance company wanted to give us not even half.

I recommend anyone who is experiencing this to hire you and your company. We hope to never need you in the future but in the event that we would you would be our first call. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Alexis & Daniela Fernandez
November 11, 2015

To whom it may concern:

We have recently concluded a rebuild of one of our buildings at our shopping center in Coral Springs, Florida. Bob Moskowitz, of Smellsmoke Adjusters, Inc., acted as our adjuster after a fire loss that demolished the building. He was of great assistance in getting us our Insurance refunds on a timely basis so that construction was able to begin promptly after permits. He was a
pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable during this trying time for our company.

We would recommend him for future projects.

P. Christian Anderson
Director of Operations

Re: MDN Properties, Inc., Coral Springs FL
February 13, 2013

Dear Bob,

When suffering through a large fire, it is difficult to know who to turn to and who to trust. Since it was not my first experience dealing with a fire of this magnitude, I was very cautious in choosing my public adjuster. This time, I reviewed half dozen companies and you were the person that was most knowledgeable and came across as most trustworthy.

You negotiated all the aspects of the job, hired expert engineers, and
kept me timely informed on all matters. You kept your word, fulfilled every
promise, and then some.

I want to give you a sincere thank you for your professional help and for
easing my mind through this hardship. I have already referred your company
to my contacts in the industry and will continue to do so in the future.

Frank Kunzig

Re: North Broward Commerce Center, Deerfield Beach FL
July 23, 2012


After experiencing a fire at our duplex, we were suddenly thrust into a tough situation of not knowing what to do or which way to turn. One day you have a tenant paying rent and the next day, no one is there to pay the rent but still you have the mortgage payments, taxes and insurance payments hanging over your head. It’s an extremely frightening feeling to say the least.

A friend had mentioned that having a Public Adjuster act on your behalf in dealing with the insurance company is the way to go. She further explained that their job is to enforce all stipulations and clauses in your insurance policy and basically insure that you receive full payments and benefits that you deserve.

Fortunately, we took her advise and hired Smellsmoke Public Adjusters. Our expectations were proven by you and your company and we thank you very much. The settlement we received was higher than expected and we feel extremely comfortable knowing we made the right decision.

Should we have the opportunity to recommend your company to anyone, be assured you will receive our highest recommendation! A job well done.

Thanks very much, Bob.

Richard Bernier and
Barclay Garnett – March 29, 2012
Wilton Manors, Florida

Dear Bob,

Let us express to you, at least in part, our thanks and appreciation for the professional manner in which you represented us in our insurance claim for fire damage that was done to our church.

At the time when we were thrust into the area of unfamiliarity and facing many decisions, we immediately agreed and chose you to process our claim with the insurance company.

Your encouraging personality, positive words and attitude were uplifting. you exemplied a spirit of integrity, gave us hope and the confidence that you had our claim at best interest throughout the duration of the process. We were satisfied with the estimated amount that you negotiated with the insurance company for the restoration of our building. Bob, it was a pleasure working with you. May your business continue to prosper. Please know that you have our permission to use our name as a reference to your business. Many thanks for your expertise.

God bless you.

Queen Lawton – March 25, 2011
GERO International Ministries, Inc.

Dear Bob,

It has been a pleasure working with you on this project regarding Hurricane Wilma and the tremendous loss we received at our premises.

Bob, you were always highly motivated and steadfast in obtaining for us the most money available as our damage to the property was enormous. Your savvy negotiations with the claims adjuster netted Bernadette Castro a higher dollar amount of $1,000,000.00 as opposed to the lower estimate the insurance company was willing to pay; $286,000.00.

We felt right from the start that our relationship with you was a great choice. We appreciate your professional work ethic and business expertise in public loss consulting an area not familiar to us.

Now that our journey together has come to an end and we begin and we begin the enormous project of restoring our building we want to say “Thank You” to you Bob.

Terri Keogh – July 11, 2006

Dear Bob,

I want to extend my many thanks to you personally for doing an outstanding job on my insurance claim related to Hurricane Wilma. Our apartment complex was damaged rather extensively and the struggles to overcome the resistances of the insurance company lead to a positive outcome.

The insurance company seemed to have an endless stream of build-in delays, such as loss of paper documentations, loss of computer notations related to claim processing, passing off of responsibilities to other insurance company employees, multiple changes in personnel at the insurance company, rehashing of already settled claim disputes, demands for more and more claim documentation and additional site inspections. Many people would have given up long ago but you did not. You outlasted all the delays and persistently and patiently defended our claim and insisted that they settle up the bill, which they eventually did.

We would have never been able to navigate to complications of such a claim without your help and would not have ended up with the money at the end of the day that allowed us to rebuild our apartment complex.
We thank you personally for “standing tall” and prevailing against unbelievably difficult circumstances.

Marilyn Hurst – March 21, 2007

Dear Bob:

Thank you very much for settling my fire claim in a very timely fashion.

Your expertise and ability to deal with the insurance company’s adjustors allowed you to settle the claim in just over three weeks.

I will definitely contact you in the event of another loss on our part.

Ralph H. Doering, III – December 3, 1998

Dear Mr. Moskowitz:

I wish to express our sincere thanks for the great job you performed in settling our water loss claim. Your professional handling of the claim for building damages was very helpful in obtaining a prompt settlement.

There is no question that you more than made up for the fee in the settlement amount.

It would be my pleasure to provide a most sincere recommendation to any of your future perspective clients, should the need arise. I would certainly seek your assistance should I, or any of my friends, ever have a substantial loss in the future.

Ana Quintane – September 25, 1996
Water Loss

Dear Bob,

Cathy and I want to thank you for the great job you did for us in negotiating with our insurance company. Due to your efforts we were able to fully restore our home and replace our personal belongings. Without you we would have been at the mercy of our insurance company who was trying to get by, paying us only a fraction of what we lost in the fire. We would certainly recommend you to anyone who has suffered a loss.

Manuel and Catherine Mendez – June 2, 1999
Home Fire

Dear Bob,

Words cannot express how fortunate Boca Teeca Condo 10 was to have your expertise in helping us get through this unfortunate fire that we had at Building A, 5260/5280.

We could have not accomplished all that we did, without your help, cooperation and guidance.

The Board of Directors and the entire Community here at Boca Teeca Condo 10, expresses their sincerest gratitude.

On a personal note, Artie Cotopolis, Secretary to the Board, and myself would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you, and commend you for your professionalism. We were happy to have met and worked with such a delightful gentlemen.

Hilda Teitelbaum, President – June 26, 2000

Dear Mr. Moskowitz,

I called your office many times; I wanted to speak to you personally to thank you for all you have done for me. As an Angel, Mr. Moskowitz, I am sure you are on the street busy helping people like me. I believe in Angels when my house burned down, God, sent you Mr. Moskowitz as an Angel to help me. Mr. Moskowitz, you really are an Angel. First able mentally you helped me. I recall when I was crying you told me Ms. St Louis don’t worry everything will be OK; you are so kind and patient. Mr. Moskowitz, the courage you gave me made me strong after the house burned. Since you were the only adjuster I ever met, I hope all of the adjusters are nice and patience kind like you. Mr. Moskowitz you take your time and patience to explained everything to me. I choose you Mr. Moskowitz as my Angel on earth. God bless you Mr. Moskowitz and your family. God bless you my Angels.

Maryse St. Louis – May 1, 1998
House Fire

Dear Bob:

Thank you very much for the job well done. I am very pleased with your professionalism and so happy I hired you. The 10% I paid you was well, well, worth it.

John Mertzlufft – December 14, 2004

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for your help in my claims against State Farm Insurance on my roof. At first they denied my claim and you and your recommended roofer told me to make a Wilma claim. What a great thing I got paid from State Farm almost the entire cost of the roof.

I want to thank your company Smellsmoke Public Adjusters for being there with guidance on this. You were terrific. I thought I was going to be on the hook for almost 17 thousand but I got what I needed.

Norman Berkowitz – June 22, 2010
Home Roof Replacement